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Thursday, October 4, 2007 |
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Beautiful Digg Hardware

The Digg case mod is a one-off project by finished in April 2007. It was modeled from the logo (popular social news website) and has been used as a show-computer piece for most of the summer at various computer events in the northwest. It has just about 30 hours of use on it in total.

The system will be featured in a future issue of CPU magazine later this year or the start of 2008.

The case is fabricated from the ground up using MDF (fiberboard) and has been finished with a blue pearl custom paint job. The letters on the front of the case light up in blue and can be switched off and on at any time. A newsreader under the lettering takes the top news stories from and displays them on the front of the case.

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Digg Custom Computer System
Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU w/ Asus Silent Square HSF (not shown in all pictures!)
Asus P5B-Deluxe Motherboard
3GB DDR2 Memory (2GB Gskill HZ DDR2-800 & 1GB (512x2) Kingston HyperX DDR2-1066) (not all shown in pictures!)
3x500GB Western Digital WD5000YS Hard Drives
BFG 8800GTS 640MB Video Card
Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum
18x Sata DVDRW w/ lightscribe
Hiper 580watt Power Supply
Noritake 3900 512x32 VFD
PCI fan controller & LPT port

Acer 2051W 20" LCD (painted)
Logitech G15 Keyboard (painted)
Emprex Commando Optical Mouse (painted)
Func Industries Custom Mouse pads (black and aluminum)
Spec Via Ebay
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