China to build world's highest observation wheel

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 |
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China to build world's biggest wheel

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This computer-generated image released by the Beijing Great Wheel Corp on November 5, 2007 shows the Beijing Great Wheel which will stand in eastern Beijing's Chaoyang Park. Higher than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer, which opens in March, the Beijing Great Wheel will tower 208 metres (682 ft) when finished in 2009, executives said on Monday, which would make it the highest and largest in the world. (REUTERS)

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World's Top Ten Observations Wheels

Top ten largest observation wheel (ferris wheel)

10. Palette Town Ferris Wheel
height: 115
rotation speed: 16 minutes/revolution
location: Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
opening: 1999

09. Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel
height: 117
diameter: 111
capsules: 68 carrying 6 passengers each
rotation speed: 17 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 1440 passengers/hour
location: Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
opening: 2001

08. Skydream Fukuoka
height: 120
diameter: 112
location: Fukuoka, Japan
opening: 2002

07. Zhegnzhou Ferris Wheel

height: 120m
location: Zhengzhou, China
opening: 2003

06. Southern Star Observation Wheel

height: 120m
capsules: 21 carrying 20 passengers each
rotation speed: 30 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 840 passengers/hour
location: Melbourne, Australia
opening: 2008

05. Changsha Ferris Wheel
height: 120m
diameter: 99m
location: Changsha, China
opening: 2004

04. London Eye
height: 135m
capsules: 32 carrying 25 passengers each
rotation speed: about 30 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 1600 passengers/hour
location: London, Great Britain
opening: December 31, 1999

03. Star of Nanchang
height: 160m
capsules: 60 carrying 8 passengers each
rotation speed: about 30 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 960 passengers/hour
location: Nanchang, China
opening: May, 2006

02. The Singapore Flyer
height: 165m
diameter: 150m
capsules: 28 carrying 30 passengers each
rotation speed: 37 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 1362 passengers/hour
location: Singapore
opening: March 1, 2008

01. The Great Beijing Wheel
height: 208m
diameter: 193m (Correction made. The blogsite has it as 198m)
capsules: 48 carrying 40 passengers each
rotation speed: 20 minutes/revolution
maximum capacity: 5760 passengers/hour
location: Beijing, China
opening: 2009

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