Car stunt by Zeliko Bozich

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Željko Božić (born September 29, 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia; died June 7, 2006) was a famous Serbian stuntman and actor.
His name is sometimes spelled Zeliko Bozich in film credits.

Date of Birth:
29 September 1974, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Date of Death:
7 June 2006, Belgrade, Serbia. (stunt accident)

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He performed one of the most dangerous T-bone stunts: In the movie "Made in YU" by Miko Lazic, he hitted the ramp and the T-boned car with the speed of 90 mph, flied 150 feet long and 20 feet high, before the flaming car fell on the ground and tumbled couple of times. In his one and a half decade long career, Zeljko worked in 50 movies worldwide, some of them were: "The peacemaker" (1997), "Welcome to Sarajevo" (1997), "Gypsy magic" (1997), "The professional" (2001), "All invisible children" (2005), "We are not Angels 2" (2004), "Fade to Black" (2005), "Made in YU" (2004)...

There is one interesting fact that shows how much love and passion Zeljko had in this industry. He performed his last and the most dangerous stunt without earning anything from it, even though 5 days after the stunt he was supposed to go to UK and work as stunt coordinator in the movie "Outlaw". All the money he received from the sponsors, he invested in safety equipment and preparations for that stunt. He just wanted to perform the stunt which was his dream from the beginning. Unfortunately with tragic outcome, he managed to make his dream come true.
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