Presidential cars around the world

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 |
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Armored Cadillac limousine


Bentley State Limousine

Republic of Nicaragua

Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen

Sri Lanka


Republic of Malawi

Land Cruiser


Mercedes Benz w140


Toyota Century


Lexus LS 600h


Mercedes S-class

New Zealand

BMW 7 Series


Renault Safrane Biturbo


Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600

Hong Kong

Lexus LS 600h


Lexus LS 600h


Audi A8s


Bentley Arnage


5000 vehicles: Ferrari, Bentley, 500 Rolls-Royces, Porsche Carrera GT,Price Ferrari FXs, pravoruky Benz CLK-GTR and 7 cLaren F1.

Czech Republic



Mercedes-Benz S 600

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3 COMMENTS on "Presidential cars around the world"

Fred on 3:19 PM said...

Very interesting list. When I look at such luxury cars, I have no words!!!
Bentley and Rolls Royce are a real kings of the best cars.
These brands is only for chosen ones, not everyone can taste this power and luxury.
Such cars are produced in limited quantities and I am sure that not so many Limousine hire company may offer it.

Limo Hire on 1:15 PM said...

Nice collection. These car are really built for the purpose. These are rare models and some of these are only limited editions.

Many others are not so common as might look.

Buying a luxury car is not possible for everyone. So we offer a wide range of luxury cars for hire at very economical rates. Even everyone can have a ride in limo.
Babur Schah

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but not all correct. Did you know that Malawi one of the poorest nations in the world, the president actually has the following vehicles for state use:
Rolls Royce 4 door Converible.
Rolls Royce Phantom IV.
Daimler DS420 Limousine.
Mercedes benz s600 G6.
Mercedes benz 560sel State Limousine.
Mercedes Benz s600 bi-turbo 2007.
Mercedes benz s600 2009 X4 available.
Toyota Land Cruiser VX100 Armoured X6 available.
Hummer H2 X6 available.
Hummer H3 X4 available.

His personal cars range from Maybach62 to several Mercs, Hummers, etc.
The former President has over 100 cars, including a Bentley Arnarge RL.

And when the president goes on a drive, his entourage vehicle comprise of luxury cars valued in excess of US$ 2 million, as well as a US$500,000 motorhome that follows at the rear of the entourage, just in case the president needs to go to the toilet.
I am Malawian, and I know....

By the way the vehicle shown in the photo for Nepals head of State is a Jaguar not a Mercedes Benz s-class.

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