Portugal's sexiest toilet opens

Saturday, March 29, 2008 |
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Lucky Portuguese shoppers have been surprised to find scantily dressed models in their public toilets.

The models are in both the mens' and ladies' bathrooms and can be seen pulling suggestive poses in lingerie and other sexy outfits. Unfortunately the models in question are just mannequins.

But the toilets have turned out to be one of the Eighth Avenue shopping centre's main attractions in the conservative northern Portuguese city of Sao Joao da Madeira.

Manager Jose Duarte said: "People find it really funny, everybody wants to come and see it, and sometimes we see husbands blocking the mens' bathroom so that their wives can have a look inside."

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Funny Portuguese toilet
Funny Portuguese toilet
Funny Portuguese toilet
Funny Portuguese toilet
Funny Portuguese toilet
Funny Portuguese toilet
In the mens' bathroom, women mannequins dressed in lingerie or short skirts are behind a glass wall in front of the urinals.

"At first, when we walk in, we're a little shocked, but it's certainly modern and spectacular," said customer Sergio Pereira.

The male models who stare out of glass galleries in the womens' bathrooms have also been a hit, giving food for thought to some of the visitors.

"It's certainly something different, and I find it suggestive, which is pleasant," said Maria da Luz.

But others are less impressed. "This shows how we're still attached to the past, and it demonstrates that this is a bit sexist," said Salome after using the toilet. News Via
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