Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Saturday, July 5, 2008 |
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Thomas Beatie, from London a transsexual man, has left hospital after giving birth to a baby girl.

Mr Beatie, 34, who was born a woman but later had hormone treatment, was filmed leaving a hospital in Bend, Oregon, without the pregnancy bump that made him famous.

He was wearing sunglasses and had his face hidden behind a hooded top, having reportedly checked into the hospital under a fake name.

The birth was natural according to a source, who discounted earlier reports that Mr Beatie had planned to have a caesarean section.

Thomas beatie, a transgender. Beatie was born a woman, named Tracy Lagondino, but later got his gender reassignment surgery done. Now he is legally a man , married to a lady named Nancy. He took testosterone and had his breasts removed, but kept his reproductive rights. whereas, due to severe endometriosis Nancy had to get her hysterectomy done and obviously is unable to have babies. So the couple decided to have Thomas to bear the child by the help of sperm donation . He went off his testosterone injections and became pregnant.

This pregnancy is not his first attempt. He got pregnant previously as well and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy with triplets. It was a life-threatening event which required a complex surgery, resulting in the loss of all embryos and a fallopian tube. But the second time around not only it was successful and they have a healthu fetus of a baby girl . The couple is anxiously awaiting for the new arrival.

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Meet Thomas Beatie, The First Pregnant Man

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Anonymous said...

OhhEmMGeE!! He was so pretty as a girl,, why did he even bother changing into a bloke,, if he still wanted to have a baby??

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