Fountain Bridge In South Korea - Video

Friday, December 5, 2008 |
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world’s first water fountain that falls from a large bridge

Banpo bridge fountain in Han river, Seoul, Korea.
Banpo Water Fountain will send 60 tons of water 20 meters down to the Han River from the Banpo Bridge every minute. The water fountain runs a combined length of 1.2 kilometers along the sides of the Banpo Bridge. The water for the fountain is pumped up from the Han River which is then returned to the river.

The water fountain will fall gracefully from the Banpo Bridge, much like a waterfall. The water sprays will also "dance" to music in 100 different configurations. At evenings, special lighting will create an even more fantastical scene. OASE, a German company, is the project partner in lighting and sound effects.

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Anonymous said...

really look wow

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