The Wealth of Sultan of Brunei - 20 Pics

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 |
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3 children are born every second in this world;
10 mobile phones sold on the international level;
auto manufacturersproduce a car every 4.5 seconds on average;
and on the level of the human mind = brain cells send200 directiveseach second
to perform the various functions of physical and mental health.
The worldspends37 million euros forarms on the international level in one second

And the Sultan of Brunei's wealth increases by 90 eurosevery second!

No envy please!

This means around 5400 euros per minute, 324000 euros each hour,7776000 euros a day

Implies about 54432000 euros a week (that's 54 million and 432000 thousandeuros)
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah ... President of the richest country in the world
Popular, lavish, ...usesgold in everything
Was born literallyeating with spoons made of gold
Clothes worn embroidered with gold and silver

These are some pictures of his palace ...

Thelargest and most luxurious palace in the world...

Consists of 1788 rooms withsome furnished in gold and diamond-encrusted
257 bathinlaid with gold and silver
and a garage to accommodate 110 cars
The palace has 650 suites ... each furnished atnot less than 150,000 thousand euros
This requires the visitor to spend 24 hours just to inspect each room for 30 seconds
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
The Sultan of Brunei's plane
Most luxurious aircraft in the world, inlaid with goldThe Sultan has alsoa Boeing 747 worth a hundred million dollars,
and then re-designedas a home at a cost of more than one hundred and twenty million dollars.
Featuredadd-onssuch as awhirlpool bathof pure goldHe also has six small aircraft and two helicopters. Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei SultanOne of the cars of theSultan of Brunei
At the special request of the Sultan of Brunei,
theRolls Roycecompanycombinedtheir car designs with that of Porsche.This vehicle is currently in Londonfor use during his stay in Britain Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei SultanWhen the Sultan of Brunei's daughter married,
the legendarycelebrations continued for 14 days,
at a cost of about five million dollars,attended by more than 25 heads of state and family members. Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Sultan of Brunei car inlaid with pure gold
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
Wealth of  Brunei Sultan
The Princess wears a crown of diamonds
and carries a small bouquet of flowers studded with diamonds.
She also wears huge diamonds as earrings, adding sparkle to her face.Wealth of  Brunei Sultan

Wikipediasays he has531 Mercedes-Benzes367 Ferraris362 Bentleys185 BMWs177 Jaguars160 Porsches130 Rolls-RoycesAnd 20Lamborghinis
Bringing the totalnumber of hiscars to 1,932
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21 COMMENTS on "The Wealth of Sultan of Brunei - 20 Pics"

Amaliina said...

That's my Sultan :) you forgot to mention that he has a heart of gold.

Anonymous said...

1stly, his palace is not the largest, nor the most lavish. if ur speaking in terms of size, then the title is still held by the 'forbidden city palace'.

2ndly, thats not his daughter. She's his daughter-in-law, and captured above is the wedding of the crown prince (his SON). n traditional malay weddings do drag over days, its a tradition. What more the wedding of a sultan's child.

3rdly, while highlighting his wealth n opulent life style in this bias n error filled article, u've failed to research the man, country n people. This is a nation where education n medical is provided free. Where there's literally no homeless people on the street. I wun go into detail. I don't think ur interested. U have a view u want to put across to ur readers, and its of a negative sultanate.

and lastly, im not bruneian, nor do i hav any affiliations to the family, the country nor the people. I simply abhor those who write and publish without knowing any facts, and do so with the intention of sullying a name.

Eliyas T said...

This guy is a complete moron!!! I can't believe this selfish retard spends over $4 Billion on cars that sit in a garage instead of spending it on his people and country! I hate guys like this!

tong said...

Ellyas, please do not state atrocious lies when you have no idea what goes on in Brunei.

His Majesty provides for the entire population with free medical care, education and subsidises a lot of things and even provides housing to the people of Brunei. If His Majesty was selfish he would not have provided such services and benefits for his people and his people would be unhappy. But this isnt so, the entire population is content and His Majesty is a wonderful, caring and giving monarch so please stop saying that he is a moron, when it is you who is being one not knowing what is going on yet passing judgement.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed and wondered what heaven will look like if a man can so amass so much wealth on this planet earth!
May God help us to number our days and teach us to apply our heart to understanding His will. Amen.

salim,s said...

Has anybody have his e-mail address??

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting conversation. howewver let's stop abusing personalities.


Anonymous said...

i m indeed glad to know that he is a very good person n his people r proud of him it is hard to find such a person in the whole world today there r many rich people in this world some who don't even care to share there wealth to help out people who are in need...god bless u sultan of brunei

Anonymous said...

The More wealth you have the more responsiblity you have, like their is a hadith ( prophets sayings) to the nearest effect: the poor muslims will enter paradise much much more early than the rich muslims.Its a Sharia law country, well done!

Anonymous said...

The Sultan of Brunei, very wealthy indeed, does provide the entire population with free medical and education, and NO TAXES!!! What does other Heads Of State provide to their own people??? Not nearly as much as the Sultan of Brunei!!!

Thompson said...

Men like this make me know of the possibilities in life. I think I like him. has anyone got his e-mail address or fon number? I would like to run a few bussiness plans by him & see if he can help, considerig he is so generous

Anonymous said...

hes a great man, because if hes blessed with so much wealth he has got to have done acts of good karma in his past births. god bless you sultan of brunei for doing good acts in the past and in this birth.

KUMAR said...


Anonymous said...

gold gold everywhere at times can be :P:P:P

Anonymous said...

Im speechless about his wealth.....but why some are so poor while are rich.God knows

Ayandare Charles

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful, I like lovely things as these, it is really good to be rich but let the rich consider the poor

Anonymous said...

Everything around him is made out of gold hope he has a heart of gold I would love to be there for one day without financial problems and see what it is to live like that in a palace of gold.

Niks on 1:57 PM said...

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? Mathew 16:26.......May his majesty Acknowledge that Jesus is only way to heaven we all might gain riches here in this world but let us not lose our own soul before we leave this world let us make some amends to God and being fully sure that we will reach our eternity. with all the respect Richard's

Anonymous said...

Another stupid man wasting money on worthless metal(gold)?

Anonymous said...

I just hope he try helping other people suffering in the world like in Africa........

Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Brunei, I would like to advise you guys "Stop talking non-sense about our Sultan". We love him so much, he is caring to his subjects, my Allah bless him and continue to pour wealth upon him. Insyallah.... Amin

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